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Tips for Hiring I.T. Staff

Originally published on TechSoup as Tips for Hiring IT Staff: Balancing Skills and Communication on August 12, 2008

Hiring at its worst inspires both boredom and anxiety. Wading through resumes bores us, and the thought of hiring the wrong person scares us. And the fear factor is worse when you’re a non-techie who’s been tasked with hiring IT staff. As with any complicated, difficult decision, success starts with good planning.

The last ten years have witnessed a change in perspective with regards to IT staffing. At one point, most managers viewed technology as an obscure, mystical specialty similar to medicine or law. In-depth knowledge mattered more than personality in hiring decisions. Lately, after years of frustration and miscommunication, some business writers have started to preach a doctrine of “hire for attitude, train for skill.” Of course, for a lot of positions, years of hands-on experience and specific skills will still be the first consideration. The right balance depends, in large part, on individual circumstances such as who you already have on your team.

Why Is IT Hiring Important?

The consequences of a bad tech hire can haunt you for years, long after the person in question has left your organization. When you’re reviewing resumes and interviewing, ask yourself the following questions.

Key Actions/Getting Started

Alternate IT Staffing Scenarios

With shrinking budgets, nonprofits have gotten more and more creative about filling the need for a full-time IT person.

Further Resources



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