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Sisyphus and Rabbi Tarphon May 16, 2010

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I was reading “Following Sisyphus, not Pandora” by Howard Gardner on Edge, and liked his summation enough to quote it here:

“I will continue to do what I can to encourage good work — in that sense, Pandoran hope remains. But I
will not look upon science, technology, or religion to preserve life. Instead, I will follow Albert Camus’
injunction, in his portrayal of another mythic figure endlessly attempting to push a rock up a hill: one
should imagine Sisyphus happy.”

It reminded me of a saying of Rabbi Tarphon, quoted by Harold Bloom, “The day is short and the work is endless; It is not for thee to finish the work, nor art thou free to desist therefrom”

To all the Sisyphuses (Syshiphi?) out there, thank you for your efforts, I pray that you’re a happy Sisyphus, and I’m sorry we probably won’t live to see the final results of our collective efforts.


Some Piquant Quotes from “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov May 3, 2010

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“Never let your sense of morals prevent you from  doing what is right!”

“For it is the chief characteristic of the religion of science that it works and [its curses] are really deadly.”

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”